vericom composite




Light-cured restorative nano hybrid composite resin

Features and benefits
• DenFil™ N is a universal nano-hybrid composite for use in both posterior and anterior restorations.
• DenFil™ N adopts the Multi Nano-sized Particle distribution Technology(MNPT). It has highly esthetic appearance and natural shade blending with surrounding tooth structure by MNPT.
• DenFil™


• Restorations for posterior(class I, II, V) and anterior(class III, IV, V) teeth
• Core build-up
• Splinting

Light-cured radiopaque flowable composite resin

Features and benefits
• DenFil™ Flow is a light-cured radiopaque flowable composite resin, which has low shringkage and good mechanical properties.
• DenFil™ Flow is designed to provide optimum flowability and handling can be used for restoration narrow & deep cavity as well as cervical area.
• DenFil™ Flow contains micro-hybrid fillers to provide excellent color adaptability, nature-like esthetics and high-gloss polishability.
• VERICOM supplies the low viscosity type besides universal viscosity type for the limited clinical application.
•  Low viscosity type(Refill shade; A2, A3) is effective to narrow and complex part.


• Restorations of Class III, Class V, Smaller Class IV
• Base/liner in the Class I, Class II restorations
• Repair of resin, porcelain, and acrylic temporary materials
• Restoration of minimally invasive cavity preparations
• Pit and fissure sealant
• Undercut blockout

Clear cavity varnish with TCP & xylitol
V-varnish™ Premium

Features and benefits
• V-varnish™ Premium is clear cavity varnish containing 50mg of sodium fluoride per 1ml. It also contains TCP and xylitol. It is applied to teeth for the purpose of delivering fluoride and treating hypersensitivity.
• V-varnish™ Premium has four flavors such as bubble gum, strawberry, melon and mint.
• V-varnish™ Premium is packed in single dose package allows easy mixing and application

• Treatment of hypersensitive teeth
• Caries prophylaxis

- Kit Type: Base / Catalyst (50 ml x 2 ea), Mixing Tips (6 ea)
- Bulk Type: Base / Catalyst (50 ml x 12 ea)

Semi-gel type etching agent with phosphoric acid
DenFil™ Etchant

Features and benefits
• DenFil™ Etchant is 37% Phosphoric acid (H3PO4) formulation thickened with natural polymeric materials.

• Etching the enamel and dentine for adhesive restorations

Technical Data
• Microphotographs of premolar x 1,000

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