NR Line

Simple surgical procedure
for narrow ridge

a. Narrow but strong
b. Well synchronized design
c. Double thread design
d. Firm and stable connection (internal 10˚ taper & square shape)

NRLine Characteristics

Abutment Screw

Ø1.9 hole size for occlusion

Hybrid Zone For Bone & Soft Tissue

a. Compatible with bone & tissue level
b. Stress free GBR

Extended thread design

a. Extended thread design helps increase the initial stability

Firm & Stable Connection (Internal 10° taper
& square shape)

a. Less screw, abutment & fixture fracture.
b. 10 ̊ taper & square shape between implant and abutment interface ensures tight sealing.
c. Square connection

NR Line Color Coding by Diameter

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