oral surgery and implantology

Oral surgery and implantology


Respects your needs. Today and tomorrow.

The Implantmed drive unit has been specially designed for use in dental implantology. Implantmed gives you the tools for oral surgical procedures in the fields of implantology and maxillofacial surgery with maximum precision.

For a stable implant

In combination with the W&H Osstell ISQ module Implantmed allows the reliable measurement of implant stability. The measured implant stability quotient (ISQ value) is displayed directly on the screen.
The automatic torque control offers you support in the safe insertion of implants.
- Automatic thread cutter function
- Accurate torque control
- Stability measurement
- Documentation

Stress-free healing

Use the automatic thread cutter function to insert implants in hard bone. The thread cutter function prevents excessive compression of the bone when inserting the implant. The result: No bone loss and stress-free healing of the implant.

Automatic torque control

The torque can be precisely adjusted from 5 to 80 Ncm and ensures the necessary safety when inserting implants.

- Controlled insertion of all types of implant with torque of up to 80 Ncm

Customize time management

Adapt Implantmed to suit your workflow and customize Implantmed for multiple surgeons in the partnership. - Concentration on the essentials
- Simplifies your treatment process

Touch screen with glass surface

The colour touch screen with its glass surface makes operation of the control unit simple and intuitive. The glass surface is easy to clean. Wipe disinfection ensures added safety in the treatment area.

For the dental assistant

The new pump design makes insertion of the irrigation tubing secure and quick.

Powerful electric motor

With this powerful electric motor even difficult implantological procedures no longer demand great strength.

- 6.2 Ncm maximum torque at motor
- 200 to 40,000 rpm at motor
- Thermo washer disinfectable and sterilizable

Freedom of movement

The wireless foot control offers absolute freedom of movement. Choose the optimal site for the foot control within your working area.- Complete safety in the treatment area

- One for all – Control the functions of multiple W&H units

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