intra oral band aid

New paradigm for Intra-oral band aid


Safe, Easy, & Effective A New Paradigm for Intraoral Healing

Features & Benefits

• Promotes healing after oral surgery and treatment
• Open wounds and open suture
• Canker sore
• Protect suture thread from tongue irritation
• Protect sore from orthodontia
• Protect fluorine vanish or sensitive teeth
• Refreshing taste after surgical procedure
• Aid in hemostasis

Applicable to any cases in the oral cavity to protect intraoral wounds

• Advanced concept in intraoral dressing
• Protect intraoral wounds from food, bacteria and cigarette smoke
• Aid in hemostasis
• Protect suture thread from tongue irritation
• Strong adhesion using hydrophilic polymer
• Easy to cut into different shapes/sizes
• Self adhesive with saliva
• Reduce irritation sore in mouth
• Safe and easy to use
• Mint flavor reduces halitosis
• Contain vitamin E


1. Irrigate wound with sterile or saline solution
2. Cut Ora-Aid into a proper shape and size
3. Slightly remove mositure with gauze on the wound. An excessive exudation may reduce its
adhesive strength and its use time
4. Remove transparent release paper and apply on wound
5. Gently press Ora-Aid for 5 to 10 seconds while Ora-Aid adheres to wound
  (According to circumstances, please press repeatedly)

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