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Penguin RFA

Monitor Osseointegration
• Reduce treatment time
• Manage risk patients

Non-destructive measure method of implant stability

Sometimes you encounter more risky implant cases like bruxism, diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, bone graft, membrane and etc. In these kinds of complicated cases, the osseointegration becomes less predictable. That is why you will need an accurate diagnostic technique to avoid failures. 

The PenguinRFA monitor

Just mount the MulTipeg™, aim for the top and the ISQ value will be displayed in less than a second. Values above 70 means high stability and are typically recommended for one-stage and immediate loading.


Sensible measuring devices made in titanium with sealed magnets, which makes them reusable. The main purpose with its design are environment considerations and to make them cost effective.• For all major implant systems

• Durable, tissue friendly titanium
• Sealed magnet inside the top
• Autoclavable at least 20 times
• Laser marked with Type no.
• Optimal platform fit
• ISQ Standard Calibrated™

MulTipeg™ Driver

The Driver is made of stainless steel and works like a screwdriver and a carrier for the MulTipeg. Since the MulTipeg has a magnet in its top it will attach safely inside the Driver.

The PenguinRFA instrument kit

To get started, you need the PenguinRFA Instrument kit and MulTipegs. If you are working under sterile conditions you also need sterile covers. The Instrument Kit Includes:• PenguinRFA Instrument
• Charger
• MulTipeg™ Driver
• Users Manual


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