Dental chair G2

Taurus G2

Elegantly formed and luxuriously designed by Shinhung

- The unit and the chair are separately constructed to reduce vibration.
- The pole-mount screen display
- The urethane foam upholstery helps the patient to relax in comfort.
- The glass spittoon bowl
- A swivel type assistant console for quick, easy access
- Audible information system (optional)
- 3-step operating lamp brightness adjustment

Tarus G2 Characteristics

Doctor Table

A switch panel by electrostatic touch mechanism features an excellent
stability and durability. A 7” big size LCD screen provides a various
information on chair and instrument operation.
Instrument holder utilising 6 positions for instruments and designed
to equip a support table and mouse-pad

Sanitation System

With the adoption of cleaning device for water lines, more hygienic treatment environment is created.
Biofilms formed in water lines may cause an infection on patients oral cavity and reduce the durability of instruments.

Sanitation system equipped in Taurus G2 can remove all biofilms while a cleansing system in normal unit chair cannot do.
After garaging instruments into an exclusive container delivered with unit, the sanitation process can be carried out automatically.
(Cleansing solution is a distilled H2O2 - can be purchased separately)

Soft Chair Movements

With the analysis of an average height of thousands peoples, chair is
designed to make no change of patient position when backrest is moving.  A wide stroke of seat movement from 385mm up to 785mm and a super silence which unavailable in conventional electro-mechanical motor driven chair, is achieved. A motor speed can be adjusted with the preference of users for meeting various treatment styles

Spittoon Movement

Designed to be swivelled to patient’s side to improve the convenience of patients.

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