WhiCam "M" Wired/Wireless Intraoral Camera

Our Multi Functional Intraoral Disease Camera :

5 Mega Pixel, 1080P Value, Efficiency, and Productivity


Packed with Innovative features, superior image quality andpatient accessibility to deliver the ultimate performance with the world's mostpowerful and versatile Intraoral Diseases Camera.


The Whicam 5M has just reset the bar!

The just released 5M is the First, all metal 5 MP Intraoral Dental Camera. The5 MP (FHD) CMOS camera provides incredible picture clarity and color. The first thing that strikes youwhen looking at this new, patent pending product is the elegant handpiece shaped design of the lightweightmetal body. The 5M’s durable metal body is comfortable to hold and use. You grip and aim the 5M justlike you would a high speed handpiece. You immediately notice how well balanced the 5M feels and howeasy and fast it is to take your images, yet, at only 2.2 ounces, it is lighter than a low-speed. Theretraction shaped head allows for easy access and provides retraction for the cheek and tongue whenneeded. The slim, well designed head contains 12 bright “white” LED’s that encircle the camera lens,providing shadow free lighting. The LEDS are user adjustable to varying intensity levels to reducehot spots and reflections from shiny surfaces, such as metal surfaces and when taking full smile images. The5M can focus from an extreme macro close up image, all the way out to infinity (Full Arch and FullFace images), eliminating the need for additional bulky extra oral cameras. The Whicam 5M’s TRUEAutoFocus Liquid Optic Lens is truly amazing. Our proprietary TRUE AutoFocus (AF) lens utilizes the latest in“liquid Lens Optics” technology. With just a press of one of the two conveniently located capturebuttons, the TRUE AutoFocus “Liquid Lens” optics instantly reshapes and refocuses, just how oureyes work, to deliver stunning, crystal clear images anywhere in the mouth. Unlike limited fixedfocus optics or adjustable focus mechanisms which can wear out and break over time, our Liquid lens opticscan reshape to adjust for depth-of-field and sharpness from any distance in just milliseconds withoutany mechanical parts movement. This is accomplished by applying a very minute amount of electricityto the True AutoFocus lens assembly. The lens, which is like a bag filled with an optically cleargel, slightly changes shape, and curve, much like the human eye.


This happens so fast, that it is barely noticeable on screen. Ithas been predicted that the Liquid lens optics technology will soon be rendering olderfixed focus cameras, and those with mechanical adjustable focus mechanisms obsolete.

Another feature of the 5M’s ingenious design, is the smartelectronic package built-in with its various display modes. The first is the built-in Zoom and Mouse function. Now you cansave time and effort when operating your dental software without having to set down the camera, grabthe mouse, or break
contamination protocols. Use it like an air or gyro mouse to make notes,highlight, and annotate situations to present to your patients.

Always display your best image. The 5M allows the user tochoose from three different color modes (Warm/ Standard/ Vivid) to capture more lifelike images, or to highlightvarious Perio issues the patient may have. Capture X-ray images…..Use the Black & White mode to displaycracks and craze lines, as well as capture X-ray film images from a view box to enlarge, share with yourpatients, and to archive into your patients chart or your imaging software. The 5M also has a detachablecable that works with both USB2, and USB3. The Plug-n-Play 5M even comes with free windows based ImagingSoftware. RF America IDS also provides free Twain drivers for those cloud based software’s that requirea twain driver. Our tech support team is alwaysglad to help you install your products andprovide some basic product training.


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June 19, 2020

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