Dental Symposium

2019 Dentium Digital Innovation in Seoul

Course Overview

Tissue Regeneration & Esthetic Prosthetics Session

How to solve the agonizing problem associated with implant surgery.

What makes long-term stability possible?

Harmony of hard tissue and soft tissue augmentation in esthetic anterior implants.

Collagen membrane - revisited.

Soft-tissue management for Implant Treatment.

10 best suture techniques for implant surgery.

Outpatient management of complications arising during or after maxillary sinus elevation for dental implant surgery.

Selection of bone graft materials and membrane to overcome unfavorable conditions.

Implant Therapy in Osteoporotic Patients :treat or not to treat ?

Special Lecture or Global Lecture Session

Executing complicated cases precisely and safely using DIGITAL GUIDE.


Moving towards simple implant dentistry through Dentium's digital equipment.

Mastering Anterior Implant Aesthetics.

Esthetic Dentistry and Dental Implants...Controversies, Compromises, and Challenges.

Selection of biomaterials for successful ridge augmentation according to different defect type.

Periodontal Plastic Surgery with Volume-StableCollagen Matrix (Periodontal Biotype Modification).

Digital Innovation Session

Let’s start digital dentistry with dentium digital guide and scan abutment.

One day implant surgery with Dentium Guide.

Dentium digital total solution &Clinical applications.

Present and future of digital prosthodontics.

Applications of Dentium new digital products(I500, scan abutment, and 3D printer) in a small local clinic.

Proper designing of the customized abutments& the zirconia restorations and Reliable bonding& luting procedures of the zirconia restorations for the dental implants.

Guided operation with Dentium Digital GuideSoftware.

Occlusal rehabilitation of complicated cases using guided surgery and CAD/CAM prostheses.

Utilizing CAD/CAM in Prosthetic Dentistry: in another point of view.

Learning Objectives

Date & Time

June 23, 2019 9:30 AM

June 24, 2019 9:30 AM


Coex Grand Ballroom


513, Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu Seoul 06164 Republic of Korea

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