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2019 Essential Advanced Implant Course

Course Overview



1. Soft tissue management : APF with FGG

     1) Various holding suture techniques for soft tissues stabilisation

     2) Attached Zone Widening by APF with FGG

         (1) At the 2nd stage surgery

         (2) At the 1st stage surgery

2. Simple Sinus lifting : Crestal approach techniques

     1) Impact of without bone grafting to sinus cavity

     2) Technique comparison : Osteotome VS Saline Pumping VS Core


3. Master of Immediate implant placement : Fact or Fiction

     1) Upper molar immediate placement : with/without sinus cavity (J 753 rule)

     2) Lower molar immediate placement

     3) Upper & Lower premolar immediate placement

     4) Lower Anterior immediate placement

     5) Upper Anterior immediate placement : flapless envelope pouch technique with CTG


4. Implant removal technique and Re-placement

     1) by fixture driver

     2) by Help kit

     3) by window technique

     4) Simultaneous or delayed placement after implant removal


· Seoul National University Dental School (OMS)

· PhD in Seoul National University

· Inje University Oral & Maxillofacial surgery department Professor

· Harvard School of dental Medicine Implant Center as a Visiting Professor

· Part-Time Professor of Inje University & Seoul National University

· Director of AIC / AAO International Director

· S&H Dental Clinic Chairman


Dr.Jeons seminar was fantastic!

He is an extremely enthusiastic and knowledgeable speaker when it comes to all things to do with implants.

Always happy to answer any questions and due do his extensive experience was able to comment with certainty

what would and wouldn’t work as he has tried almost everything that was asked by the other dentists. He was

more than happy to share his techniques and what to avoid (unlike some other presenters who just show you

what they can do but not the technique used to achieve the result and equally as important - what techniques

have been tried and haven’t worked) with us and has made quick reference summaries for us to refer back to.

I just wish we had more time with him so we could pick his brain some more and learn from his wealth of knowledge and exp erience.

Dr. John Tsougranis (BDS, MICOI)

What a fantastic course run by Minimax.

Dr. Jeon is absolutely amazing and his live surgery is a sight to beyond genius with his knowledge and hand skills to match.

Dr. Kumsuz

It is such a wonderful trip and great seminar.

I have learned a lot.

It is my first seminar with Dr.Jeon, what a overwhelming experienxe for me. There are a lot of catch up and remember.

I will star t my first a nterior immediate implant next Thursday straight after an extraction of failed post-core-crown. Really

exciting! Thank you very much for organizing everything for us. Looking forward to star t the journe y with Minimax soo n.

Dr. Annie Cao

Learning Objectives

Date & Time

March 1, 2019 9:00 AM

March 2, 2019 9:00 AM

March 3, 2019 9:00 AM


Pullman at Sydney Olympic Park


9 Olympic Blvd, Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127

Information and Tickets 8084
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