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2020-2021 Comprehensive Orthodontic Course / Seminar

Course Overview

IAADent Comprehensive Orthodontic Course March 2020 - February 2021 Dental Seminar

Modern orthopaedic/orthodontic treatment modality involves a lot more than teeth.

Due to growing demand by the dental community, IAADent proudly presents an integrated orthodontics/orthopaedics/TMJ/airway course. Learn the ABCs. No prerequisite or knowledge required as the instructors will be going through an integrated approach.


Session 1 6th -7th March 2020

Understanding Aetiology of Malocclusion and Diagnostics

Complete Record Taking

Classifications of Malocclusions

Bones, Muscles, Airway and Teeth

and How they Impact on : Joints-TMJ, Skull,

Cervical Spine and all of the other bones.

Sleep-disturbed breathing. Airway Constrictions

Malocclusion, Parafunction, Aberrant muscle function,

Tongue, Lips, Swallow

Hands-On Components

Occlusal Analysis

Muscle Palpation

Session 2 17th -18th April 2020

Diagnosis Continued. Early Treatment & Introduction toAppliance Therapy

Early Treatment Philosophy – The Golden Opportunity

Interceptive Orthodontics. Myofunctional Therapy

Treatment for Airway Obstruction

Tongue Thrust and Jaw Function

Appliances for Arch Development,

Fixed and Removable Appliances

Hands-On Components

Appliance Design

Model Analysis

Cephalometric Analysis

Session 3 29th -30th May 2020

Treatment Planning. Class II Correction and Mechanics Functional Appliances

How to Identify – Quantify and Qualify

Appliances – Prescribe/ Design/Issue/Adjust from beginning to End

Class II Correction and Mechanics

Object Habits.

Introduction to Fixed Mechanics

Hands-On Components

Appliance Adjustments

Myofunctional Exercises

Session 4 26th -27th June 2020

Straightwire Mechanics Continued

Straightwire/Introduction to Controlled Arch Technique

Types of Wires. Wire-bending – First, Second, Third orderwire bends

Bracket Selection. Elastomerics. Instrumentation

Hands-On Components

Wire –bending

Direct Bonding

Indirect Bonding

Making FRLA

Session 5 28th – 29th August 2020

Alternatives to Conventional Orthodontics

Ceramic Brackets

Cosmetic Alignment Therapy

Clear Aligners


Class II Skeletal and Dental

Hands-On Components

Use of Facemasks

Session 6 16th – 17th October 2020

Introduction to Pain

TMD Work-Up

Joint and Muscle Pathology

Physical Therapy

Dry Needling, Laser, Trigger Point Injections

Prolotherapy, Botulinum Toxin A

Splint Design and Fabrication

Hands-On Components

Bite Registration

TMD Work-Up

Muscle Palpation

Session 7 4th – 5th December 2020

Pain-Sleep Interactions

Treatment of Impacted Canines

Introduction to Microimplants-TAD’s

Hands-On Components

Use of Sleep Angels

Session 8 5th -6th February 2021

Case Finishing. Banding and Bracketing Errors

Debanding. Retention. Frenectomy, TAD’s.

Risk management

Interrelationship between the bones, muscles and airwaywhich in turn impacts on:

- The autonomic nervous system

- Myriad of head and neck dysfunction


- Head and neck pain

- Sleep-disturbed breathing

- MalocclusionRelated behavioural issues

Hands-On Components




Learning Objectives

Date & Time

March 6, 2020 9:00 AM


Hotel Urban


194 Pacific Highway corner Bellevue Ave and, Pacific Hwy, Greenwich NSW 2065

Information and Tickets 8084


$2200 per Session

Dental CPD

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