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Essential Advanced Implant Surgery Course 2020

Course Overview

Dr. IN SEONG JEON is an OMS, one of the most famous international lecturers from Korea and visiting professor for multiple universities including Harvard University and Seoul University. With his experience of 45,000 implant placement, and more than 20 years of long term data and records, Dr. Jeon is coming to Australia to share his knowledge. Most of dentists only focus on the angle and size of the implant that they wish to place. We have to acknowledge the fact that the basic surgical design and process is as important as placing the implant in the right position. The majority of implant failure comes from the prosthetic issue, infection caused by the surgical design, and how the suture was placed after the surgery. Minimax wishes to share Dr.Jeon’s experience and knowledge on these factors, so that you do not have to deal with the unnecessary complications, and also how to deal with the situation if they do occur.

This course will contain 2 full hands on days with 1 day of lecture, where you will adopt new skills and practice the new techniques you will be learning. Be prepared to be amazed.

Learning Objectives

DAY 1. Soft tissue management

  1. 5 principles of suture for predictable flap closure
  2. Proper flap design according to various missing situations
  3. Optimal tension control by various composite sutures
  4. CTG with composite suture by double blade technique on upper anteriors

DAY 2. Hard tissue management

  1. Proper bone & membrane selection Guideline
  2. GBR stabilisation : 8 techniques from suture to bone tac fixation
  3. Immediate placement : molar & premolar area
  4. Horizontal ridge augmentation by widecovercap & bone tac.combine chiselling
  5. Open vs Closed membrane technique

DAY 3. Overview of Sinus crestal approach and Understanding of Complication pathway

  1. Sinus crestal approach : Comparison of saline shooting vs osteotome vs core technqiue
  2. Predictable results without bone via crestal approach to sinus
  3. Understanding of Complication pathway by time
  4. Surgical & Prosthetic Aspect of complication
  5. About Implantoplasty

Date & Time

April 3, 2020 9:00 AM

April 4, 2020 9:00 AM

April 5, 2020 9:00 AM





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$2500 / $2200 (Early Bird : 50days before the event) + GST

Dental CPD

21 Dental CPD Hours
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