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Predictable soft and hard tissue regeneration, so crucial to the clinical success of each case is highly dependent on the appropriate selection of material as well as the technique and approach. With abundance of newer materials on the market, the clinician is given the task to marry the right material and technique, often without much scientific guidance.

This 2-days of intense lecture, video, and hands-on workshop will focus on all aspects of soft tissue handling and techniques, as well as the fundamental understanding a clinician needs to master this very tricky area. The instructor will review the existing evidence on the science of osseointegration, and clinical studies that validate long-term health of dental implant restorations. What is the role of soft tissue in all this? What should the home care, and professional maintenance protocol be?

Do the materials, techniques, and implant systems that a clinician chooses have any bearing on these factors? The presenter will highlight various innovations in soft and hard tissue handling techniques in recent years.

• The role of soft tissue in teeth and around dental implants
• Soft tissue graft biology and healing
• Indications for epithelial graft and sub-epithelial connective tissue graft
• Fundamentals of successful allogenic tissue usage
• When to use acellular dermis or autogenous grafts
• Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) indications, preparation and use
• Venipuncture for blood collection
• Rationale and use of enamel matrix derivative
• Root treatment to maximize long-term success
• Root coverage techniques
• Pedicle flap designs and techniques
• Palatal harvesting techniques
• Soft tissue grafting with concurrent GBR therapy

• Flap designs for GBR procedures
• Soft tissue enhancement with socket grafting
• Simplified flap designs and suturing techniques
• Soft tissue grafting at implant placement
• Soft tissue site modification at the time of implant placement, uncovery or provisionalization
• Soft tissue handling in the maxillary sinus graft procedures
• Instruments and armamentarium
• Flap modifications for secure primary closure
• Various closure materials (Louis Button®) and surgical techniques
• Pharmcological aspects of soft tissue surgery
• Use of anti-oxidants to enhance healing potential
• Pre/post surgical considerations and complications
• Decision trees for material and technique selection

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