Intra oral scanner

Cheapest yet most cost-effective intraoral scanner designed to optimise your treatment in every aspect

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Intra oral Camera

Best tool to photograph oral cavities and approximal surfaces.

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It’s more than portable. It’s pocketable.

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Endo motor

Most powerful, wireless endo motor; robust design through the double injection molding and its precision processing technology

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Implant motor

Simplistic features, optimal tools for maximum precision and its intuitive user-interface.

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Ground-breaking innovation in dental regeneration; potential applicability in dental surgery

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Head light

Shadowless Headlight

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The best diagnostic solution to monitor the osseointegration

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Curing light

High capacity battery and seven curing programs

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Apex locator

Cost-effective apex locator- featuring working length function, compact size and Bluetooth technology.

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The latest Bio Filler, ideal for real natural augmentations and satisfies all requirements to modern injections.

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Technology permitting highly precise ostetomies with constant control of both incision depth and length.

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Vacuum former

Most cost-effective vacuum former; stylish design with a built-in vacuum

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